A Long Way Home - WIP Thread for conversion to FireTV/Gamepad support

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to start a thread to document what I've had to go through to convert my old game A Long Way Home. This has been one of my favorite games I've made, if not the favorite. Over the years I've ported it to iPhone /Mac / Kindle / Nook / Win8 and now finally it will find it's home on the Fire TV, which in my opinion, is the best presentation of the game by far.

This was originally made for the iPad, so the game was designed with a 4:3 screen ratio, and non retina graphics. A year or so ago i went back and converted the game to Retina graphics. This time I am pulling out all the stops.

  1. Gamepad support
  2. Widescreen
  3. New interface
  4. Tweaked menus
  5. Same great gameplay.

I'm going to add a few more posts about the widescreen conversion, which I think was a pretty cool way of doing it, and another one on the gamepad implementation, but that will come later. For now, here's a few screenshots of the original game, and the a few youtube videos.

Wait until you see the final product. I'm very proud of it :)

Original Release

Retina (Director's Cut Release)



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