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Do you release your apps through a company or your real name? Why?

Reading around I found out a number of developers publish their apps to the various app stores through companies. I also think it's a good conversation to start to give developers some clarity and share best practices.

For those who publish using your real names and for those who publish through companies:

1 - Why do you prefer this method?
2 - What are the benefits and drawbacks?

For those who publish through companies:

3 - Which type of company is best to set up and receive sales to? Sole Proprietor/LLC/S-corp/C-corp, etc.
4 - How do you take any profits out of the company?
5 - Are you registered as being on the company payroll?


  • iKlazzyiKlazzy Posts: 71Member, PRO

    Starting out, learning the process of developing the apps and how to publish them is pretty involved. Once people publish one or two apps and realize that the app market is not just going to make you millions without hard work, that is a great point to hop out of the game and quit making apps.

    If you make those first few apps, realize that you have learned a bunch and are ready to make a great game, advertise it really well, and think it will be a hit, then there is a good point to make a company.

    I personally made 3 or 4 games and published them under my own name. None were too successful. Each was a great learning experience. I then registered an LLC (these cost money so make sure you're serious lol) and am really working hard on my next game. I personally think it is going to be pretty successful, and would not want to release an app that goes viral (praying it does good) and have it under my real name. Plus, a company name offers much better branding when releasing a series of apps.

    If you're serious, making a company to release under a name that is not your own is pretty cool

  • iamcarteziamcartez Houston, TexasPosts: 648Member

    I started out with my name and then I got featured and made some money and decided to get an LLC for protection.

    (A Texas LLC cost $300 and it is only a 1 time fee... some states have crazy costs such as California-$500 a year or some ridiculous crap.)

    1. The company name looks more professional and in the future I may be able to sell "Appdore" and my domain "" when I have more successful titles under my belt.
    2. The cost is the only major drawback.
    3. LLC is the cheapest and least complicated from what I've learned. And you can get an EIN from the IRS and open up a Business Checking Account to simplify purchases and your future taxes.
    4. Profits are being rolled back into the company for now.
    5. Sort of, my CPA told me to set up a salary and pay myself based on what I earned last year so basically I will be paying myself $40 every 2 weeks... lol... however this covers my salary and the other half will be saved for taxes.
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