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Stable Release 0.13.7- FireTV Support Fixes (Updated)

BlackCloakGSBlackCloakGS Posts: 2,250Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee
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Stable Release 0.13.7- FireTV Support Fixes

For a limited time, Amazon is making Fire TV publishing free for ALL GameSalad Mac users!

To celebrate, we’ll be giving away a total of $1000 total to 3 randomly selected games that are published on Fire TV between now and March 30th. In addition, every game published on Fire TV will net you a free month of PRO, giving you access to publishing on all GameSalad supported platforms and powerful monetization features. For official rules


  • Added an option at publishing to control whether or not the Back button exits the app on Android devices. For Kindle and Fire TV apps, the back button is disabled.


  • Fixed the Hibernate event not pausing audio on device sleep or screen saver activation.

  • Fixed loading wheels not showing up on iOS 8.0+ devices.

  • Reverted the Change Scene fix from 0.13.4RC since it was causing issues with some user projects. If you plan on using gamepad button presses to change scenes, it is recommended that you wait for the button to return back to false before you change the scene.

  • Fixed sound bug on firetv where looping sounds were not getting paused.

Also includes all the features and fixes form 0.13.6

For more information on how to put controller support in you games see our Cookbook controller page and our next GameSalad Monthly Meetup



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