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Detect phone and tablets


Anybody have some rules to detect if the user is on a phone or tablet based on screen size X/Y or something?

I am already using some awesome UB code from BBenk which resizes the stage automatically no matter what their screen size/resolution but now I actually need to know if they are on a tablet or phone so I can throw up a custom scene...



  • AJaymzAJaymz Posts: 164Member, PRO
    edited February 2015

    @ryast For IOS devices running in Landscape mode:

    Rule - when game.device.screensize.width is 1024. (run ipad scene)
    Else- (run phone scene)

    If your in portrait mode then just check game.device.screensize.height instead of width.

    Im not familiar with Android sizes so hoping your on IOS.

  • ryastryast Posts: 145Member


  • AJaymzAJaymz Posts: 164Member, PRO

    I was away from my computer when I typed that from my phone, but location to the screen size is actually devices.screen.size.height(or width).

  • ryastryast Posts: 145Member

    Thanks :)

  • robertkdalerobertkdale USAPosts: 912Member

    @AJaymz is right. I use the same technique within my universal builds in order to adjust my actors size and or position on screen. Very easy to do.

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  • ryastryast Posts: 145Member

    Since I will be targeting Android as well as iPhone I thought I would ask the user if they are on a mobile phone or on a tablet and adjust the screen accordingly... it seems a little more fool proof...

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