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HI guys,
I'm working with gamesalad for 2 years now, had a few games, but is been hard to get recognition (download/revenue) :smile:
This year it has been difficult for me, and was thinking if should or not pay again the Pro license, that expire in a few months.

But then I start with new ideas, and i love to create games, so i'm working on a old school time Shot-em-up Space Shooter.
Will be unlimited game, basically, players will compete for best score.

Can you give a look, and tell me what you think to it.
Am I going on a good path?
Do you have some extra ideas (bosses/ different scenario)?



  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

    I'd probably have the asteroids spawn top to bottom, because right now, it looks like when they are scrolling down, they are enemies too.

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  • BrunoGamesBrunoGames Member, PRO Posts: 87

    @jigglybean ...hum.. have to cheek that effect, but there are asteroids that are enemies too... the brown ones, are supposedly to be closer. Thank you, very much..

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822

    . . . also it might be good to randomise the rotation of the asteroids, they look a little odd all being oriented the same way.

  • phamtasticphamtastic Member, PRO Posts: 354

    I like the ship/weapon upgrade section as it do well for game progression and add IAP possibilities. Things you may want to think about:

    • add story line
    • enemies need to be more dynamic especially in movement and the way they attack.
    • need to have visual progression within the game to keep player wanting to advance.

    check out Radiant on Google Play. Simple shooter but add a nice story line to it.

  • BrunoGamesBrunoGames Member, PRO Posts: 87

    @Socks Have made the rotation to the asteroids, i liked, looks more natural...

    @phamtastic , will try to do some paths, for the enemies to follow, instead of just coming down every time...

    Thanks, for your time and observations..

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