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Can someone help with an effect I'm trying to create with an actor?

I'm currently trying to create a motion blur effect that shows behind a square actor when it moves left and right. I've managed to make the effect work fine when the move down rule is set to off in actor 1. However, the problem i have is that when the move down rule is set to on, the actors displaying the speed line effect don't stay with the square actor.

I will attach the project file and maybe someone can help me figure out the problem. Hopefully someone can help with this, it is very much appreciated.


  • fadamionfadamion Posts: 309Member, PRO

    Did you try particals?

  • fadamionfadamion Posts: 309Member, PRO

    i looked at your code for a bit i simplified it and came up with constraining won't keep up with speed. The little guy will not keep up at the higher speeds. But i think it looks pretty good as is.

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