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iAd on top not on bottom?

rombowichrombowich Posts: 37Member, PRO

Hey There!

I always use the same rule for my iAd Setup in the scenes (Timer After 1 Sec: Show Banner 320x50, Bottom) and It always worked fine until my last project:

The Banner appears in top of the scene instead of bottom and I have no clue why, I checked the rule multiple times and there is no change to my other projects. Any advice?



  • AJaymzAJaymz Posts: 164Member, PRO

    @rombowich Did you download the new stable build of gamesalad? One of the older ones had that bug in it.

  • vlasovlaso Posts: 19Member, PRO

    Like @AJaymz said, make sure you have updated to the latest stable build of gamesalad. I have published my game with iAds at the bottom of the screen with no problem.

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