RevMob questions. Please help =)

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1) I am setting my ads in my game from RevMob and I am going to use the eCPM or Pay per 1000 impressions method. There is option under eCPM that says "Bid per 1000 impression". If this means the minimum bid of what Revmob or whomever will start paying me per 1000 impressions, then whats a good price to start at? or does this mean that I have to pay RevMob to advertise my app?. What does that exactly mean?

2). What if I put the ad on the menu screen and the banner ad is only shown for 1-2 sec or less, because the user might not be on the menu screen for long or almost press the 'Play' button immediately and the ad is gone, or the banner ad only pops up when the user dies in game and when they press the restart button the ad goes away which then the banner ad is only displayed for like 1-3 seconds. How does it work, does the banner ad have to be shown for a minimum amount of second before it counts as a impression or counts for pay?

3). The last question how do impression count, per opening the game, or per banner popup? for example the user opens my game and re-tries to beat there high score 30 times, over the 30 times about 2 banner ads pop up one time before they start and one time after the user dies in game which the score board comes up and the ad is right over it. So over the 30 times each round 2 banner ads come up, does that count as 60 impressions?

Would greatly appreciate if someone answered my questions :D
Thank you


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