Game freezes after level selection when testing on android

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After I generate and download my apk. I install it and run it on my phone to test it and everything works fine until I get to my levels and the game freezes and zooms in directly on my main movable actor and everything else around it is pixelated. One of my levels showed once but none of the movable actors were on it. Just the walls and background. When it freezes I can also still touch the screen and play it but it sits on the frozen screen with all of the sound still going in the background.


  • ThrillJacksonThrillJackson Member, PRO Posts: 4

    It works fine on the program and this is what it looks like.

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    THIS! This has happened to me! On android, the first actual level in order of level lists, gets zoomed in on a random object, and you can't see anything, but you can still hear noises.

    Luckily, I had buttons to select other levels to test out some other things, and the game would crash on some of them, while working on the very old ones.

    After some observation, I noticed the "zoomed" in level and "crashed" level are both using tiled actors or an actor bigger than 2048x2048.

    The very old level that actually worked was before I found out about tiles with giant actors acting as backgrounds.

    From what I've been able to conclude, it's either of those things that cause a crash and the zoom in effect. I had to remove all graphics in the level except for actors that spawn after the level loads, and it works fine.

    From the screenshots it doesn't appear your using "tiled" attributes. Is any graphic or actor bigger than 2048?

    I'm using the Windows Nightly Build, what version are you using?

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