New Releases on Google Play?

Hey all, I've only published games to the App Store so I'm trying to get up to speed on the Google Play Store. I was browsing around on Google Play and realized they only seem to promote the top apps. Even the new release section is for top apps. Is that right or am I missing something? Sort of curious how people discover new apps on Google Play that aren't the "top sellers".


  • myu699myu699 Member Posts: 96

    often times, they look at popular games and then see the related games that google offers. Also, many game developers with have a good reputatio, take the creator of flappy bird who took his game down and then uploaded a new one which was popular as well(it is called swing choppers i believe). Also, you can post on facebook, reddit, twitter about your new game.

  • RondoRocketRondoRocket Member Posts: 411

    But there's no way to browse by release date? I enjoy browsing the App Stores new releases, sure there is lots of junk but there's good stuff also.

  • myu699myu699 Member Posts: 96

    Sorry, I dont believe so.

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