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Hi there!

I'm a gamesalad developer myself and I have a recently come up with an idea and would like to know what you guys think.
I'm opening an affordable marketing service for indie game developers with my friend.
Sign up to our website (doesn't bind you on anything) if you are interested, we would like to know if there is
any demand for this kind of service.

[link removed]

What do you think?

About our business:

  • A marketing service for indie game developers

  • The problem is that its not enough if you just post your game to AppStores and couple social media postings,
    it needs much larger marketing launch campaign.

-All other marketing services are way too costly for indie developers budget (and I mean REALLY HIGH).
Our service is aimed to cost only around 199-400$

-Works also as an "add-on service" you can use it if you just need a little extra boost and visibility.

-How we do it? Naturally, its a business secret, but its nothing illegal or rocket science, its basic marketing work made for you!
We will plan every marketing plan separately (from our marketing mix) and after that we will tell you what we have done. You would not want to tell
your marketing strategy to your competitors, would you?

-Our service is made for giving your game a fair chance, if your game is good, people will play it and if it's bad, people will not waste
their time. Our service is designed to make your game "to market itself". People will grab it and continue speaking about if its good.


Our website is not public yet-

Want to try our service for FREE?

-Send your game with links to me (as a private message), and we will evaluate it.
-Must be published to both Appstore and Itunes. Also, it should not have many downloads
since its easier to measure our service's performance.

In exchange, we would like to you use your game and
studio as reference in our website after your game gets good amounts of downloads with us.
We are offering this because naturally a new business needs some references in order to gain trust
and we need to test our service before we launch it.


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    From the forum rules:

    Game promotional services: This is strictly not allowed. More often than not services of this type have proven to be dubious at best and of limited use to the community. Legitimate promotional services can be found elsewhere.

    Any questions, please contact GameSalad Support at http://support.gamesalad.com

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