Question: Progression Data & Game Updates

MoikMoik Member, PRO Posts: 257

I haven't published yet. I'm considering releasing a basic game and then making planned updates which add features should it catch on.

I'm wondering if saved progress is over-written when the files are updated off the store. Are there development tricks to use to protect against it, so new features can be added without killing the save file and resetting people?


  • metametmetamet Member, PRO Posts: 80

    Don't update a table - create a new table and write the old data to the new table.

  • MoikMoik Member, PRO Posts: 257

    Thanks! Good info!

    So I would just put all my initial progress data in a "Release 1.0" table, and then each patch I add a separate "Release 1.x" table which reads the prior table and copies the data? Game Salad has the tables as separate files, and the AppStore/Play do not over-write unadjusted files?

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