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V2.0 released, 4.27 million total downloads

FetaboyFetaboy Posts: 191Member, PRO

Yo Mama: Free v2.0 is now out. Originally created in two short evenings back in 2009 as the first 'Yo Mama' app, and as a way to learn Xcode (during the 'gold rush' days), and since converted to Gamesalad. Even with a severe drop-off in downloads over the past 6 years, this app continues to be my most downloaded app on a daily basis.

For apps with NO marketing budget, for better or worse, part of me still feels like the best chance of success isn't mainly dependant on how much work is put into the app, or how good it is - it's simply based on how likely an individual is to show the app to their friends - either via social media or word of mouth. Obviously the app store landscape is a lot different now than it was back then, but I'm feeling like this still applies (for me at least). No matter how great a game/app might be, if someone isn't tempted to share it with their friends, and without $$$ for marketing, it's hard to gain any traction or recognition in today's market.

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