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why do i get this error? (ios)[email protected] Indie Game DeveloperBreda, the NetherlandsPosts: 22Member

hey guys,

i made finally my game and i want to add it to the appstore (ios).
i followed gamesalads guide but i keep getting this error.

"Code Signing Error 1: Warning: --resource-rules has been deprecated in Mac OS X >= 10.10!
/var/folders/yb/wn23irn34m2lqn_k4dl1w0000gn/T/GameSalad5/11/ replacing existing signature
/var/folders/yb/wn23irn34m2lqn_k4dl1w0000gn/T/GameSalad5/11/ User canceled the operation."

whats going on here?
i have tried to delete certificates and add them again.. everytime when i do that i start the publish prosess over again.
can anybody help me out? google didnt help me yet :(


  • dapiondapion Posts: 353Member, PRO

    Show in keychain if you have a duplicated certificate.
    This was my problem a few days ago...after I renewed my iOS Dev.

  •[email protected] Indie Game Developer Breda, the NetherlandsPosts: 22Member

    I did look for duplicates already.
    The strange this is that i only have 2 certificates one and no duplicates.
    But i just subscribed as new dev, al the common problems on google is when they renew their dev.

  • OscarsCodingOscarsCoding Posts: 92Member

    I had that problem when I was publishing my game to the App Store, it said something similar to what you got, but I just restarted the whole process of get the app ready for the app store and then it worked, my app did get rejected twice before being accapted.

  • BlackCloakGSBlackCloakGS Posts: 2,250Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    This "Code Signing Error 1: Warning: --resource-rules has been deprecated in Mac OS X >= 10.10!
    is just a warning you can ignore it for now. You can submit a bug to us and we will fix the warning in a future version.

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