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bigg_al23bigg_al23 Excited to learn!Des Moines, Iowa Member Posts: 3

Hey everyone! I'm new to this and everything about making games. I just wanted to start something up as a hobby and have been trying learn and comprehend everything on your forums, to handbooks, and even youtube videos! I've downloaded the free software about a month ago and have been playing around on it while watching the videos. Even though everything is brand new and I have to teach myself everything and on my own time I must say, I'm very excited and interested about everything about this. It's so neat and cool about the "behind the scenes" into making a game that I never thought I could actually get into. Well if anyone has any tips, suggestions, or would like to mentor me one on one I would love that greatly. I'm easy to work with and have great ideas and a wide imagination. Please inbox me. Thanks everyone for your time!


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