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Brick Climber HD now available for Fire TV!

AJaymzAJaymz Posts: 164Member, PRO

I converted my game Brick Climber for the Fire TV. Works great with PS4 remotes on my Mac, so sure hope it works and looks good on Fire TV I have no way of testing it on there. 1 and 2 Players!

  • Game play; Stack bricks on top of each other so you can guide your climber to the top. Any bricks hanging over the edge of the stack will be destroyed leaving you with less to work with. Easy one button control: Simply press the A Button to stop the moving bricks.
  • 1 Player game has 6 different modes!
  • 2 Player game: Each player has their own side. Guide your climber to the top to score a point. Here's the FUN part... Sabotage the other player's game by climbing onto a randomly placed button with your climber... Some sabotages: Deadly spikes and bombs, speed up or slow down other player's brick speed, knock other player off of their brick stack, send a blind spot to their side, subtract a point from other player! (My friend and I love battling it out on this game, only if we can do it on the TV!)

1.png 461K
2.png 473.6K
3.png 489.4K
4.png 479.9K
6.png 171.4K
8.png 509.2K
9.png 501.4K


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