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My First Game Ever, Extremus is Officially Live On The Google Marketplace!

Dell7730Dell7730 Posts: 388Member, PRO
edited March 2015 in Announce Your Game!

Thanks to those who helped me learn all the things that went into making my very first game app, this all started on the 27th of February and that's the very first day I wrote my first line of code from answers that you've all provided in response to my sometimes misunderstood questions.

Thanks to all these guys:
@Socks @tatiang @RThurman @PhilipCC @jdlcrater @tatiang @deej011 @mhedges @micma @Armelline @wcsd9739 @Flyboy @xhamad_ @Lovejoy @NipaDidIt @RabidParrot @RossmanBrothersGames @supafly129 @Dues @POM @jamie_c @AlchimiaStudios @jonmulcahy @dapion @Dues @AJaymz @jonmulcahy @OscarsCoding @scottharrrules43 @nickname5862 @Daniel543M @strag


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