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Making Words Kindergarten - Universal iOS Now Available

jorkosjorkos Posts: 352Member, PRO
edited March 2015 in Announce Your Game!

Thank you GS community for your support. I really appreciate your downloads......especially today, the first day of release! If you are an educator and want to evaluate any of our apps, please visit to register - thank you!

This app includes 50 lessons designed for students to build spelling skills and develop phonemic awareness. The format and word sequencing were developed by Patricia Cunningham and have been recognized for their ability to motivate students in a fun and engaging way. The audio narration was performed by Adam Ghassemi, a professional voice over artist with 10+ years of experience. While developing this application we received feedback from several expert educators and followed their input on how best to present this activity to students.

The app is designed to be used independently but can also work well where a teacher or family member is available to work through word families with the student(s). Speech language pathologists and special education teachers will appreciate the highly structured sequencing present in this app.

To learn more, visit:
Free version:
Paid version:


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