Certs, profiles, signing, a big mess

lolchopslolchops Member, PRO Posts: 9

I'm having major issues understanding the keys, certs, signing, distribution, dev, etc. I read all the apple documentation but it still doesn't help much.

When trying to publish a new game, I got an "invalid provisioning profile" error from application loader.


So I go to look at them, and they're all valid. I chose the one that says "active". Ok maybe I need a new one, so I make a new distribution profile and install it, choose it the next time and now I get a code-signing "error #1" from GS code-signer.


In my keychain access are a BUNCH of dev/dist keys (I used to have a personal dev account and migrated it to a company name). Also I have duplicate iOS certificates in my developer account (1 in my old personal name and 2 identical looking ones in my new business name).

I would like to wipe the slate clean and start over with all this and try to learn it/understand. Can anyone suggest a safe/sane way to wipe it all clean and start over with only what I need? Would it be ok to revoke and/or delete EVERYTHING and regenerate only what I need?


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