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Our experience with the review process

cefarixcefarix Posts: 13Member
As you might know, we recently made our first app, Phasers, in three versions, Phasers, Phasers Lite, and Phasers HD.

Initially, Phasers Lite and Phasers were both rejected. Phasers Lite was rejected because it referenced features not available and it tried to upsell to Phasers. In other words, we had a level select page that showed 25 levels, but they were all locked except the first level. Additionally, once you completed the first level, it told you to buy Phasers to play more levels.

For Phasers, the rejection reason was that we had a contest that might confuse users into thinking that Apple was associated with the contest. Basically, the contest was that whoever finishes Phasers first will get $100 via PayPal or $100 iTunes gift card.

We changed Phasers Lite by removing the Level Select scene altogether and removing all mentions of Phasers full version, resubmitted, and it was accepted.

For Phasers, we had to explicitly state the Apple is not a sponsor of the contest and it was accepted.

Phasers HD remained in review longer and it was rejected last night. The reason? The contest creates an association with Apple because it offers Apple products (the iTunes gift card) as prizes. So we thought, wait what? How did Phasers get accepted? It also has an iTunes gift card as a prize. What about apps already on the App Store like Finger Maniac? They also give away Apple products in their contests...

We emailed this information to Apple, and they replied saying the same thing again. So, we've removed the iTunes gift card as a prize from both Phasers and Phasers HD and are now waiting for Phasers HD to be approved.


  • design219design219 Posts: 2,273Member
    I think Apple screeners have to make judgements rather quickly, as so many apps come through every day. It's possible all three of your apps were looked at by three different screeners, and each had different takes on what's acceptable, or even what they noticed.

    I also suspect that, not unlike most Apple employees, they are overworked.


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  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Posts: 1,927Member
    You can mention up-selling, even in the most in your face way.
    You can show screens of the full version and everything.
    You just can't have features locked that require the upgrade.

    Basically it has to be stand alone even if that means a one level game.

    Apple is typically pretty consistent with it if you stick to those guidelines.
  • madpoetmadpoet Posts: 59Member
    When a "lite" version of your game is made with limited levels, does that mean
    the extra levels should be deleted from the app. Example: the app would be less
    file size. Or, does apple require the "lite"app to be the same except turning off the levels.

    Thx for the help!
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