Universal build iAds banner choice?

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Hey all I am building a Universal Build game that is played vertical for iDevices.
I am a pro member and I selected to have ads on the top of the screen.

I made the whole game so far in iPad Resolution independence and I will use overscan for the iPhones.
What option do I select for the Banner ad? iPhone, iPad or all?
This game will be universal.
When I test the game in iOS viewer the ad shows up fine on iPhone when i select the iPhone banner option but does not show up on the iPad in the iOS viewer and vice versa if I select the iPad banner it shows only on the iPad during the iOS Viewer.
When I select the ALL banner then it shows a big square box on all devices. (Not the long rectangle banner ad)

I am using Gamesalad 0.12.20
I rather not update to 0.13.7 in the middle of a project, unless you think that will fix the issue I am having.

Please help.


  • LovejoyLovejoy Member Posts: 2,078

    @Undiscovered Use the iPhone banner. You can check that its working on all devices while adhoc testing.

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