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jsorr2jsorr2 Member Posts: 279

Hey there,

Wondering if anyone else was struggling to make games solo, and wanted to form a group to create apps together. I've noticed it's quite hard to create great apps by yourself, so teaming up seems like a logically solution.

My strengths:
-Great at coding and development
-currently hold a developer account with google play, apple and amazon.

-Creating assets

Would love to form a group and create games together with anyone willing.


  • pjuradopjurado Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2015

    Hey, I would love to join you and make a team. I am a graphic Designer and love to make 2d game graphics and assets. I have a couple ideas for games that I can share with you. I not really familiar with the marketing but Im willing to make time and get our game out there. websites, game trailers and of course twitter haha

    you can check my work and illustration style on my site:

  • ToonshackToonshack Member Posts: 53

    Hey guys, don't know if you both got anything going or not. Wondering if both or one of you would like to join up. My strengths are design and free hand illustration with some vector work. The three of us could make quite a match lol visit my Facebook

  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Member Posts: 1,810

    We the veteran community would like to take this time in advance and inform you. When the time comes. Use PMs......... Dont liter the forum with your arguments or disagreements or who didn't pay who or who did all this work while the other team members did nothing etc etc.......... Will this happen? Maayyyyyyyybe noooot. More than likely? Yep.

    Im just saying what everyone who has been here long enough, is thinking.

    Use your PMs feature when the time arises..

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