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My very first Shoot em' up game Demo

Here you will find a small video sample of my very first shoot em' up game that
I'm working on. The level and music is original work made just for my game and
when they are complete I will have my own enemies, boss, graphics and other great
things that will blow your mind! When this game is fully done it will have that
Dodonpochi feel to it along with the other cool ideas I came up with. It will be
like and if not better then some of the other shoot em' up/bullet hell games out there
so till then enjoy this little sample :smiley:


  • nickname5862nickname5862 Posts: 51Member

    Looks pretty good!
    For what will you publish it?
    And what did you already made yourself qua graphics?

  • RiveraonlineRiveraonline Posts: 54Member

    great job!

  • mike206mike206 Posts: 24Member

    @nickname5862 Thanks. It's just a little sample at the moment. still got lot's to work on. I'm gonna have it for, android and apple. Oh and hopefully xbox also

    @Rivercontrol thanks! soon i'll have my own enemies and boss so I'll update this demo

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