Android screen goes to sleep when not touched - let's end this.

I've seen comments on these forums over the years asking if there is a way to stop Android screens from going to sleep when the accelerometer is used or the app does not require constant touch input. IOS screens do not go to sleep during GameSalad apps and there is a workaround for Tizen.

Let's take this all the way and stop Android devices from going to sleep so we can take advantage of the accelerometer and make apps that don't require constant touch input. Perhaps this could be a check box on the publishing server?

Vote for the "bug" here:


  • Mesrits OperandiMesrits Operandi HollandMember, PRO Posts: 10

    Its ridiculous that we have to vote over such a basic issue. It's going on for years indeed! Shame on GS really...

    Vote for the "bug" here:

  • ant_ladant_lad Member Posts: 222

    I read that bug and it doesn't make sense to me. Here is why: I have my ios devices to screen-off after 1 minute, android is 5 minutes. If I do not touch the screen, they turn off. It does not matter the app running or who made the app. The only apps I have personally seen that do not allow the screen to turn itself off were a couple of chat apps I deleted because of this built-in 'feature'.
    If users don't know how to use their devices.....maybe make an app that teaches them how to use a device?
    In addition to that, why would you want to force your customers to have an app that does not allow a screen to turn off.
    If I fell asleep using an app and woke up to a dead device, the developer of said app would very quickly receive a profanity filled email.
    Web design has taught me to not force customers to do things they may not want. For instance, a mobile website should be much lower in size. No reason to force mobile users to download hundreds of MB of image galleries when I have no idea what their connection is.
    You have no idea how or when or for how long they plan on using your app.
    On top of all that, I have had no issues using any android app that was made in GS. Maybe rewrite that bug report/request to have it make sense. Right now it does not.

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