Any one used appreviewsubmit service ?

Anyone used their service ? is it genuine or fake ?


  • NimbleBugNimbleBug Member Posts: 483

    Any one ?

  • As_Of_LatteAs_Of_Latte Member, BASIC Posts: 343

    I've never heard of the site...But the fact that they have pricing packages makes it seem legit. However, the pricing is a little steep! I'd recommend searching further for an app review service :)

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

    Even if you pick their lowest deal - $150 for 120 App review 'requests' - this isn't a guarantee.

    And being honest, this is something you can do yourself if you spend a day make a list of Tier 1-3 sites to review your app (Tier 1 being the biggest like Touch Arcade for example) and Tier 3 being the smaller sites and add them to a Google docs or excel sheet.

    Get yourself on twitter and check out the largest app sites, do they tweet often? Do they have a website? How much engagement is there when they post? All these things will help you decide which Tier to place them.

    Naturally, you can always change your Tiers around once you better understand who has delivered you the best results.

    Just by checking their 'credentials' you can see they are nothing but a bunch of liars. Their Twitter account has 678 followers and all of them are paid followers. There's not one single business following them.

    If I was King or Supercell and I was using these guys, I would be following them but they are not.

    And finally, I doubt very much the likes of King and Supercell use this website as they have their own PR departments and use industry tools such as GamesPress.

    So don't waste your cash. This video will give you some tips on how to promote your app with zero dollars.

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