Spin Dash - available on iTunes today!

FetaboyFetaboy Member, PRO Posts: 191

This app started out using the SpinSpace template from Deepblueapps, and eventually evolved into this.

Addictive one touch action! Tap the screen to launch your ship towards the next target. Miss, and it's game over. Timing is key. The longer you last, the more challenging it becomes. Hone your reflexes and skills and see how high up you can climb on the leaderboard.

If you're genuinely interested in trying it out (and hopefully leaving a review), PM me for a promo code.





  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Member Posts: 5,689

    That's one of my favourite templates so really pleased you used it yo make your game, best of luck with sales!

  • GnarlyGnarly canadaMember Posts: 840

    Played it. Honestly I really liked this game.

    But my old eyes have a hard time seeing the small tip where the triangle will go.

  • FetaboyFetaboy Member, PRO Posts: 191

    Thanks for the feedback gattoman. I agree with you. I'll be working on a update to improve a few things, and will add this to the list.

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