Google play vs apple App Store

So i released my first game on the google play store and received 3 downloads in 2 weeks.
My game just finished the review process for the apple App Store and its received over 120 downloads in a day.

Why bother with google play?


  • omiwebdesignomiwebdesign Member, PRO Posts: 69

    The difference with Google Play Store and other stores. Other Stores have a "new games" category. This way you always get some downloads in the first couple of days after release.
    Google Play doesn't have this and needs some promotion "or not if you are lucky". In the Google Play Store you need to use very common search words, good description, add a URL link, YouTube video, nice screenshots etc. The better this is, the higher ranking you will get.

    Also make sure you add your Android game to other Android App Stores. And the Amazon Store.

    Your app might have a very unique name and can't be found because of this reason. Update you app description, try to get some G+ on your app, ask friends to download and rate your app, etc. Once the downloads start coming your app will get a higher Ranking and more downloads.

    I personally have had most succes with the Samsung Store (100s of thousands downloads), but I am not sure if Gamesalad users can still add games. However Google Play is still interesting enough. (my apps get 10s of thousands of downloads there).

    Wish you best of luck, never give up hope. App developers need some luck, maybe your next game will get tons of downloads in the Play Store and almost none in the Apple App Store ;)

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