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~Everyone NEEDS to vote! Support Amazon Ads for Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick~

I'm Not a huge fan of ad's but don't want to set a price to all my games published and many don't have a reason for iAP's. Even if the ad networks would make a couple dollars, it's still better than nothing and has a chance of making some kind of profit. Many of us do this because we love it but we also do it for the business side. With that in mind I feel that this is an important feature to have! @BobD has created the Feature Request. We need all the votes we can get to move it up the chain. Please go and vote. Even if your not currently developing for the Fire TV, you may be in the future and will be wish this feature was implemented! :p


  • JSprojectJSproject Posts: 730Member

    It's important to use your votes yes, but I will never waste any of my votes on ad related crap and will use my votes for what's important (my opinion of course).

  • KillerPenguinStudiosKillerPenguinStudios Posts: 1,291Member
    edited March 2015


    I understand people are entitled to their own opinions but your comment wasn't necessary saying, "but I will never waste any of my votes on ad related crap and will use my votes for what's important". Trying to keep things clean here and if people have negative things to say it's best just kept unsaid. It's obvious you don't see the business side to things. Yes you should develop because you love it but at the same time there are many of us here who love it which makes us serious about it. There are times that you have to put what you like and don't like to the side and do what makes sense from a business stand point.

    Example, I own a gym and I hate cross fit and feel it's a personal waste of time, bad for you overall, and much more. But I put that to the side and have a cross fit section added to my gym. I do this because it makes up about half, if not more than what just the gym was making. I'm did this from a business standpoint.

    Point I'm trying to make is no, I don't personally like ads and don't like seeing them in games I play but they are an important option to have from a business standpoint. There are times features are more important than we tend to think they are.

    Don't want this getting closed because people are posting negative things. Keep posts positive and though you are entitled to your opinion, keep comments positive!

  • JSprojectJSproject Posts: 730Member

    I stand by my comment and it was just as necessary as your post here with the title "Everyone NEEDS to vote!...".

    "It's obvious you don't see the business side to things."
    Funny :) You obviously have no idea. A comment like that says more about you than it does of me.

    There are many things more important to vote for, you might disagree and that's fine by me.

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