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Hi guys,

could anyone help me with Amazon's Game circle?

I followed to the letter @gingagaming 's great video on setting up the leaderboards for amazon game circle. Thanks btw, great video :). And everything seems to work just fine. The scores are updated to the leaderboard in the game but players can only see their own scores. I.e. everyone has nr 1. place with their best score and no other scores. This happens even though the amazon game circle accounts are in public mode. On the Amazon dashboard leaderboards are totally empty. When I view the report from the dashboard it says: "Lifetime Since Aug 9, 2013 ... " even though I have created the leaderboard last month. What is going on ...!? I have totally hit the wall with this. Please help!

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  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584
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    Sounds very odd. Have you tried to add a button that displays leaderboard? Then link to the board and see if that works? I'm sure you used to be able to tab inside game circle to view the overall scores for the day/week etc.

    I would also check your score rule in gamesalad, ensuring that it isn't set to display own scores, or scores for the day - change it to lifetime.

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  • muusimuusi Member, PRO Posts: 72

    Aaargh! My dyslexia is becoming extremely expensive :)

    Long story short:
    I misspelled leadeboard ID in IOS version in both in GS and in Apple leaderboard (wolrd), but it was the same misspell in both so it worked. For Android version I just copy pasted rules in GS but then wrote the leaderboard correctly in Amazon Game Circle (world). OMG, (just banging my head to the table) This has now took over 3 days of my time. Can't but laugh :)

    Anyway the issue got magically solved by just posting it here. Strange and great ...

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