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Tigerfish initial price

RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,272Member
The game has 25 levels, polished art, good music and sound effects. I'll try to start with $ 2.99. What do you think?


  • MagoNicolasMagoNicolas Posts: 2,090Member, PRO
    Im Creating a Game with 50 Levels, Custom Made Graphics and Music.
    Also Want to Know what Price will be correct, I was thinking 1,99, but maybe, **** riffel says, it would be Ok 2.99. What do you think? Will post Images and Videos Soon (Days)
  • WeswogWeswog Posts: 1,171Member
    I would also say if it's replayability is high then yes $2.99 if not then put it as 1.99 also you should put the price lower at first then put it up if you think it's worth it.

    Cheers, Weswog
  • RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,272Member
    Tigerfish has high replayability, I thought the novelty start high and then be lowered to 1.99 and then 0.99
  • expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
    @Riffel, I like your strategy there. But with 25 levels don't put it more than 1.99. Angry birds has 150 levels, all in which are graphically AMAZING and very challenging, and its priced at $0.99. But starting it off at 1.99 will probably still give you a lot of sales because even that is pretty cheap for a game. (And I read somewhere on the forum that people who had their game at 0.99 before and put it at 1.99 later were getting the same amount of downloads but double the sales) After that when you lower it down to 0.99 you will probably get even more downloads because of the price drop.

    Some people say that if you start it at a low price such as $0.99 and its very successful then you should bring the price up to 1.99, but I totally disagree. In fact, I believe its the total opposite. When sales go down, bring price up. When sales go up, bring price down.
  • design219design219 Posts: 2,273Member
    Can you show us some screen shots?

    That's primarily my first judgement on whether to purchase an app or not. Second would be the description, but I can usually dismiss an app quickly if the screens don't grab me.

    I also have never bought a game app over 99¢, but I'm just cheap I guess. The 99¢ mark is sort of magic, as most Coke machines charge at least a buck for a consumable that lasts just a few minutes and is then gone.

    I don't think many of the supper high volume games like Doodle Jump and Angry Birds would have done nearly as well at $2.99. IMO.


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  • RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,272Member
    @design219, I read somewhere that I should not show pictures of the game before it is ready. Do you agree? would like more opinions about the initial price
  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Posts: 1,400Member
    Riffel said:
    @design219, I read somewhere that I should not show pictures of the game before it is ready. Do you agree?

    If your game is a very original concept and the screenshots would expose "trade secrets" about gameplay that could be used in a way to make a clone of your game, then yes. Otherwise, go for it, post some screenies... ;-)
  • RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,272Member
    -very original... check
    -trade secrets... check
    -beware cloners... check
    -my precious... check
  • design219design219 Posts: 2,273Member
    I'd still be a little leery of a $2.99 price myself. I suspect the biggest audience for games is younger folks who watch their pennies a little closer. Again, I don't know stats, but it sure seems like the top selling games are 99¢.
  • RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,272Member
    Hummm... Tigersfish is not a top selling game. 3time less downloads to do the same result.
  • BarkBarkCoBarkBarkCo Posts: 1,400Member
    True, but...

    Smaller user base = less popularity.

    3x downloads at 99¢ means that 3x people know your game. Also, I don't think there is a direct price/downloads ratio here. If there were, you could make the game $1000 and just wait for your 1 download. You'll probably have < 1/4 the download's at the higher price.
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