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embedded games are causing my website to crash

scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I have two games that both work fine on the GS site. They are embedded on my website and now they are causing safari to quit every time i load the page. The embedded games do not even finish loading before safari crashes. Any ideas? Am I alone on this?

It didn't do this a month ago...


  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    anybody else having this problem lately? Having games on my site is an important part of the business I am starting. This is a major setback.
  • adent42adent42 Posts: 1,540Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee
    If it's the two games on your site under the "Game" tab, I'm not having a problem loading them.

    Could you try clearing your cache and trying again? Also, make sure you have the lastest plug-in. If you're still having problems, please submit a bug report with information on your machine specs and version of Safari. (Also if it's a new game on another page, please send the link to that page too).

    Thanks! Sorry you're running into problems.
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    I'll try that. good to know that it is working for other people.
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    Emptying the cache worked! Thanks a lot!
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    Is there going to be a web plug-in for windows based browsers soon? It may a good business move to build anticipation in the pc world. Give them an early taste of the games they'll be able to make when the GS game builder desktop program is available for windows. Just a thought. Obviously for selfish reasons I would like for people using windows to be able to enjoy my games from my website.

    Thanks again for the help.
  • otggamerotggamer Posts: 1Member
    Is there still no way for me to install the safari plugin on a Windows box?
    Are there any definitive plans to support Windows in either a player or developer capacity, or is this a Mac-Only deal?
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