TDE - Total Defende Enemy

foxnettfoxnett Member Posts: 47
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This game is a classic tower defend.
I hope in the future to public in App store
Please let me know what you think.


  • foxnettfoxnett Member Posts: 47
    TDE became beta please send me the report of bug or suggest new feature
    see the game at:
  • SDMGSDMG Member Posts: 280
    Hi foxnet... don't know if this happens only at my computer, but your game always crashes here after pressing start in the menu... has anyone else the same problem??


  • DjangoZDjangoZ Member Posts: 40
    I get the beachball and it takes a while, but it does eventually start for me.
  • foxnettfoxnett Member Posts: 47
    I know tde need more time to load the level, i think the problem is the memory management of gamesalad, tde now is more 10 mb and i can't upload new version.
    Early i try to reduce the image quality so i hope this will reduce the dimension of game.
    don't forget the gamesalad is only a beta, i hope in the next release Gendai improved the memory management
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