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Is there anyway to optimize music files? And if so, how do you optimize yours? I have a mp3 file that weighs 3 megabytes alone.

Also, how much data can an iphone app hold?


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    There are a few audio editing apps out there, Audacity and Amadeus Pro spring to mind. Within these programs you can convert the sampling rate down from 44.1kh down to 22.05 (at least, Amadeus does this; I'm pretty certain Audacity will do the same). You'll halve the size of the file. Just make sure to keep the 16 bit sampling depth the same.

    You could also consider cutting up the file into smaller chunks; this in itself wouldn't save anything of course, but you might find duplicated passages, so you could play each chunk one after the other, repeating those that are the same.

    As to how much data an iPhone app can hold: the app doen't hold any data as such, not like storage; being a software file, its as large as it needs to be. Perhaps you meant what's the largest file size that an iPhone will run. Game apps might range from 5 up to 105mb, and more. Although its not the file size thats the real worry, but loading time and possible processing time of the game. Hope that helps.


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    It does, thanks for clearing that up.
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