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Has anyone ever used one of the pay for downloads websites? Or did one of the offers you get in emails for downloads? I was thinking about trying one...but only if it is legit...with real users...thinking about paying for more exposure

Btw here is one of my apps if u guys wanna check it out "Cookie Moron Test" for Apple or Android



  • BigDaveBigDave Member Posts: 2,239
    edited April 2015

    it is only worth if your games ARPU is higher then the CPI or CPC your paying for your user acquisition, your goal would be to increase your keyword rankings and reach organic downloads.

    (minimum investment to see some results 100 Euro/week)


    you go for the big volume of 10000 to 90000 Installs and risk paying more then your games ARPU to reach top positions and hope to make your investment + profit back over the next 2 weeks as you slide down the charts.

    (minimum investment to rank top 10 in a small country 1500 Euro + good launch (organic 600-1000 Downloads, bigger countries like US can cost up to 90000 Euro to tank in top places)

    but no offence looking at your apps you should not yet consider doing any of these two. Your apps are not ready, keep evolving.

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