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Free Vector Art!

Hey guys, I am very new to this forum. You guys are an awesome community and love to help each other out! I want to give back to the community and like to get involved as much as possible in the future! I am getting close to publishing my first game, and I can tell you the entire experience as been awesome! It is definitely a new hobby of mine now.

I used to work full time as a graphics designer designing mainly logos for small to big companies and corporations, but also designed anything from business cards, icons, cartoons, website layouts, to many more. I quickly got bored when i turned my hobby of designing vector graphics to a job and a priority. Needless to say I made decent money with my my client list from 100% self taught education on marketing and software training.

Now enough of my little story, I want to show some of you a AWESOME website that offers 100% free vector graphics for people. First things first, you will unfortunately need your own software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, corel drawing, freehand, etc. The files you download from this website are in a EPS file. Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) is a standard file format for importing and exporting PostScript files. It is usually a single page PostScript program that describes an illustration or entire page. An EPS file can contain any combination of text, graphics and images. Since it is actually a PostScript file, it is the most versatile file format that is available.

Pretty much it's a file for you to open in your vector graphics editing software to edit the pictures and export them into files such as .PNG and JPG's. All the artwork is unlicensed, but it meant for non-commercial use only. Meaning you can do very minor changes to the artwork and it is then considered yours. You can download anything from icons like coins, to objects like rockets, to banners, high quality table layouts, etc.

Here's a link to the site with "icons" put into the search tab.

If you aren't exactly talented in designing your own artwork, but have the software, then this may be a great solution to some of you guys that don't know about this website.

If you were inquiring in what software to use, you can download a free 30 day trial run of Adobe Illustrator which gives you everything that the purchased license offers. In my opinion and tons of others, Adobe Illustrator is the most powerful, user friendly vector designing software on the market to date. The possibilities are endless, your only limited by your imagination (and of course knowledge of the software lol).

Some or even most of you may know about these type of websites, but for some of you that have been in the dark may be tremendously helped by this, as it as saved me tons of time in designing graphics for my own game!

If you guys need any help at all about the process of making vector graphics, and tweaking the artwork don't hesitate to ask! I will be happy to help! Also if you guys know of websites like the one above please tell us, as it would help me and others as well!

Thanks guys, hope this helps!


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,899Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef
    edited April 2015

    You mentioned this but it bears repeating: many if not all of the graphics are licensed "free for non-commercial use only" which means that they cannot legally be used for a paid app. My guess is that free apps with advertising also fall into the "commercial" use category.

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  • RPMGamesRPMGames Posts: 21Member

    Yes you are completely correct. That is why I stated to do tweaks to the artwork, such as adding backdrops, different colors, gradients, reshaping the anchor points, etc. That way the art is then considered different and legally it is owned by you, in which you have the right sell and make money from. I have talked to a lawyer about this, AND have contacted the website myself in which they both have told me since the art is sold as free, and you can do whatever you want to it in a editing software that you have the right to transform the picture to make it "yours". Using the art unedited is, like you have stated unethical and ultimately could lead to legal trouble if caught.

    Ultimately, what I'm trying to say is that use these files as templates to work on and make your own custom artwork for people that are not artistic.

  • RPMGamesRPMGames Posts: 21Member

    Sorry I should have included your username! Still trying to get used to everything! :smile:

  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,899Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef
    edited April 2015

    So the lawyer and the website company told you that as long as you edit it slightly, it's yours by law to do as you see fit, including re-selling it or using it in a commercial product? I find it really hard to believe that that's how this type of license works.

    For reference:

    I thought the whole point of something like the Google Image Search usage rights choices was to clarify these types of licenses:

    If you can just make a modification to something that is licensed "for noncommerical use" and then use it commercially, what's the point of those various license that specify "with modification"?

    I'm somewhat ignorant on all of this and would like to understand it better.

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  • RPMGamesRPMGames Posts: 21Member

    @tatiang I understand where your coming from. That's with google only. So images you get from Google Images fall into that clause. I am only relating to the website

    Their copyrights are different as users freely submit their artwork meant for people to use. Google Images are images that are picked up from millions of sites, which have their own copyrights. (As an example, I have seen many logos I have designed uploaded on a website to find it in Google images. I would sue if I found out someone was using that logo for their personal use to make money, as high quality logos can sell upwards to over $1000, and knowing someone took my artwork and is selling it would be very bad) In that case it is 100% illegal to do what I stated above unless you have written proof with a signature from the author/designer that holds the right to that data. I have also contacted a few users on the website and they told me it was okay to use for my clients.

    I should maybe clarify saying if you want to be extra careful and know for sure that your artwork is legal, to maybe contact the author and have written permission to alter their artwork for your personal use.

    In the end I completely understand that you are "skeptical" about this and hope you understand this better.

  • RPMGamesRPMGames Posts: 21Member

    I can delete this discussion if you feel its not suitable for everyone. I just thought I would try and be helpful to the community and help everyone on my knowledge, as I can't help with the game software at the moment as I don't know enough yet lol. Didn't mean to cause a argument over legal manners.

  • LovejoyLovejoy Posts: 2,078Member

    It needs to have a substantial amount of edit in order for it to become your own. Simply changing the backdrop, changing colors does not make it your own.

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  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,899Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    @gameunites Thank you for explaining the process further.

    I can delete this discussion if you feel its not suitable for everyone.

    No, I don't think that's the case at all. In fact, in general, members here have to be careful and knowledgeable about all sorts of legal matters. It's up to each person to be informed, etc.

    I just thought I would try and be helpful to the community and help everyone on my knowledge, as I can't help with the game software at the moment as I don't know enough yet lol. Didn't mean to cause a argument over legal manners.

    Not an argument... I just was ignorant and thought it sounded too good to be true. ;)

    I appreciate that you're giving back based on what your expertise is.

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  • RPMGamesRPMGames Posts: 21Member

    @Lovejoy With artwork from other websites that would be the case. With my experience with the website I mentioned, I have a email from the website saying so. I can try and dig up the email and show you. ANYTIME I use a authors artwork for use, in which I use as a template in which I'm going to make money from I contact them to make sure, and in every case so far they say it's okay. I have found one designer in which I get almost all my artwork from and have written permission to do as I please with so i know the artwork is legal. Some may ask that you show a reference to their website. The whole point of the website above is to allow users to use their artwork for personal use. Example, you download a icon which you put on your website. That's what they upload their artwork for. If they were worried about people using their artwork for stuff like that, then most if not all would not upload. They would upload to websites like shutterstock, and stockphoto websites to make money from. I have uploaded a few vector graphics on the website above and would be happy for people to use to put in games, websites, banners, logos, business cards, etc. I would get upset if they were selling my artwork by them self on a different website though, which I'm not condoning.

    @tatiang Glad we cleared things up! I understand where you were coming from and did my best to explain! Just trying to help people out the best I can, but this type of help is obviously controversial as you can see lol! :wink:

  • SummationSummation Posts: 476Member, PRO

    About Us
    We are young and creative people. Just wanted to make a useful website.

    Terms of Service
    The following is a legal agreement between you and the owners and operators of By using this Website You agree to be bound by these Terms. This agreement may be revised or updated without notice.

    Downloading and using resource

    designer are provided free of charge and under the licence they want.
    You agree never to advertise the resource as your own work or portray yourself as the author of said work. cannot be held responsible for any copyright violations, and cannot guarantee the legality of the resource stored in our system. If You want to make sure, always contact the author. You use the site and the resource at your own risk!
    Uploading resource

    You may upload resource to the Website, and will screen these uploads to see and downloadable if they are suitable for distribution.
    By uploading, You own the rights to release the resource. does not allow the upload of Images that infringe on any copyright, property right, trademark or any other applicable right.
    even though We do our best to prevent infringe happening, cannot be held responsible for the misuse or abuse of any resource.
    We also reserve the right to remove any resource at any time if We believe it's defective, of poor quality or infringe on any right.

    Privacy Policy
    We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell or otherwise provide personal information to other companies for the marketing of their own products or services. We will retain your information only for provide the services.

    We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law.

    License information
    All of the resources are uploaded by users and public sources on the internet. Please check licence information on each resource you download.


    Ok so this website is hidden behind a proxy and their legal pages are laughable.
    Just a heads up.

  • RPMGamesRPMGames Posts: 21Member

    @Summation I totally have to agree with you that their terms of service and agreements are a complete joke. I've read them before a while ago and literally laughed to myself. They don't protect the authors at all and try to not be liable for anything, which in my case above, if you contact the author to use their artwork there's not a problem. I've been using it for years now and have not had a single issue at all. Not sure why they would need a proxy server.... Never knew that lol.

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