Test Video of my app on FIRE TV using Amazon game controller.

Hey guys,

In brief, this is a joystick test using the Amazon Fire TV game controller.The game being tested is my upcoming iOS game entitled Sleepy Cube.Honestly, I am just a day away from finishing the Fire TV version of this game. Thus far, I have tested the game out on both 40 plus and 55 inch televisions with no problems. The process has been amazingly easy.

Test Video

I still have to tweak my menu system as well as replace the audio. In sum the audio is mono, and not stereo, hence the pour audio quality in the video.Typically, I add mono sound and music files to all of my mobile apps for the sole purpose of optimizing my them.

Lastly, does anyone know how long the review process is for Fire TV Apps?

Thanks for reading my post.


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