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open url on android

Well, I was watching a video on publishing to android on gamesalad & I he said I have to an open url link in my game or else I'll get rejected. So I added an open url link in my game & at first I put it in my "controller" actor but everytime I lost & restarted the game it asked me to open the url & I tried to put in my splash screen so it'll only open once but it won't even let the game load because of the open url.. is there a way to get the open url out of my game or let the open url only appare once


  • MentalDonkeyGamesMentalDonkeyGames Posts: 1,276Member

    I don't know witch video you've watched, but I think you understood something wrong. You don't need to have openURL behavior In the app if you don't want to.

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