How to load game onto iPhone Viewer 0.8.8?

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Inaddition to my other questions, how do I load my game onto the viewer? Wirelessly/Bluetooth from my Mac to iPhone while Gamesalad running(Gamesalad can't find my iPhone and wireless and bluetooth are on and discoverable)? Do I drop my .app into iTunes and sync it with my phone(I've tried this one)? I'm really clueless here... Help


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    First, to build the Viewer on the device, follow these directions to the letter:

    Watch the video at the top of the page to help.

    Once you have the GS Viewer successfully installed on your device, do this:

    1. Make sure both the device and your Mac are both on the same wireless wifi network.
    2. Open your project in GameSalad Creator on your Mac.
    3. Launch GS Viewer on the device.
    4. Wait a few seconds, then a new 'preview on iPhone' button will automagically appear next to the green preview arrow in GameSalad.

    5. Click that to instantly test the game on the device.

    You do not need to make an .app of the game first. And the Viewer will give you real time feedback as you play the game. Critical things like RAM and FPS.
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    I've followed those instructions for the past 2 days and I got as far as installing it, and after about 5 seconds of Gamesalad running, it returns me to the home menu(I think it crashed there). I'm still stuck here...

    Anyone here know why or might have a reason to why?
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    The debugger is giving me this message as I Build and Run the xcodeproj on my device.

    GDB: Data Formatters temporarily unavailable, will re-try after a 'continue'. (No memory available to program now: unsafe to call malloc)

    I have tried a "Continue" in the debugger but it gives me the same message over and over.

    Anyone know how to solve this?

    (Note: This isn't an error or warning,but this is the cause of the crashing(I think). There is nothing else that I can find in the debugger that would cause a crash)
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