Transparent Line of Sight

FrazzleFrazzle Member Posts: 223
Does anyone know how to create a transparant line of sight on photoshop?
I'm looking for one in the style of 'classroom 3' (an online flash game).


  • scitunesscitunes Member, Sous Chef Posts: 4,047
    Here's the problem - GS only has rectangular and circular collision detection. your line of site would need to be a rectangle. Otherwise the student would be caught when it overlaps with the transparent portion of the png on either side of the traigle. To create a rectangular line of site you could just open a new PS project and set the canvas size to whatever you want the line of site to be. Then pick two colors and use the gradient tool (under the bucket fill tool). Then in the layers panel set the layer to a transparency that looks right (or change the alpha in Gs after importing it).

    The only way to get close to a triangle for this would be to have multiple rectangles that rotate together and have them invisible. Then have a dummy triangle actor that lines up with the multiple skinny rectangles. The collison detection rules would all be fore the skinny invisible actors and not the visible traingle.

    Good luck!
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