In your opinion, which Chartboost Ad works best?

Hey guys! So while my computer is in the shop, I thought this would give me some time to think about how best to optimise my revenue. Ive used Static Interstitial Ads for my first game, which would appear every 3 times the player would die. These haven't shown to be very successful, and have only delivered several installs. In my upcoming game, I'm going to try out Video Ads, which will appear every 10 deaths, so they don't annoy the player too much. I look forward to seeing the results these will bring, I know you make like $0.01 per completed Video Ad, not sure if they pay per install or not though. This is all of course before we get Rewarded Video Ads, which I'm very looking forward to, but in the mean time, I'm interested to hear what everyone's experience is with the different types of ads. Obviously it will vary depending on the game style, amount of impressions, and countless other factors. Cheers :smiley:


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    They say on average for every 100 clicks you get one install. If you don't mind me asking how many clicks are you getting?

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    That sounds about right. I've had around 300 clicks on my app, and 4 installs. Feel as though video ads will be more successful, as players are more likely to want to play the game, so the install rate will probably be higher, even if the impression rate is lower. Just a theory though.

  • RabidParrotRabidParrot Formally RabidParrot. Member Posts: 956
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    I have video ads set to my lowest priority. I can make a penny off of each time a user views a video, or I can make ~$2 for each install. You would need to have the video viewed 200 times to make $2 (Not accounting for whether or not you got an install). So it's pretty much the same in my opinion. But again, it depends on the game.

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    Overall, the earning for every 1000 views (or eCPM) is higher for video than it is for interstitial. Obviously this can change on a case by case basis, but that's what the industry sees overall.

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