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Need Asteroid Actor

NederBrosNederBros Posts: 13Member
Can someone make an asteroid pic I can use or to give me idea's. My other actors were made with Art Text and it would be nice if it somewhat matched the Art Text style.


  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    I'll have a go making one on art text.
    Have you tried using the custome shape feature?
  • FranzKellerFranzKeller Posts: 517Member
    ha ha, at first I thought - you need some one to dress up as an asteroid?

    Or perhaps talk in a "space voice"? 8-)
  • NederBrosNederBros Posts: 13Member
    Thanks for the custom shape tip (i hadn't found that yet) I should be fine on my own now. Thanks a ton!!
  • FrazzleFrazzle Posts: 223Member
    No problem, took me a few days to find out that you could use shapes other than circles! :D
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