Orientation issue 0.88

tsextrotsextro Member Posts: 25
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I never have had this issue before version 0.88. I publish the app fine but am having orientation issues. The Target platform and orientation for my app is iPhone Portrait. I have not checked enable resolution independence. When I install the app on my iphone, it doesn't just stay in portrait mode but will attempt to switch to landscape. When it does that, the graphic doesn't fit the screen which is understandable. I have even tried to check the box just before you publish to be option #3 which is portrait but I still have the landscape issue working which I don't want. Any ideas on how to resolve this?


  • Ruslan21Ruslan21 Member Posts: 228
    go to the scene then attribute scroll down you will see autorotate uncheck everything except the orientation you want
  • tsextrotsextro Member Posts: 25
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