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I was awarded a scholarship to WWDC '15

HalfBakedProductionsHalfBakedProductions Posts: 248Member, PRO
edited May 2015 in Miscellaneous

Hi GameSalad!

It's been a while since I've posted on the forums, but a lot has happened since my last visit!

Since beginning my App Development journey with GameSalad, eventually I began learning Objective-C and Java in order to begin to learn more about the process. Eventually, I garnered enough learning to release several apps programmed entirely in Objective-C!

Using my newfound knowledge, this year I decided to apply for Apple's WWDC Scholarship Program, a competition that is open to anybody (aged 13+). Having been rejected in previous years, and knowing that I was competing with university students and full-time, professional developers, I thought I was pretty much guaranteed a rejection!

However, much to my surprise, this year I was one of only 300 students accepted into the program, and will be attending the conference from June 7-12! Through the scholarship, we get to go WWDC for free, attend the Keynote and workshops, and meet other developers (as well as Apple Executives such as Tim Cook!)

I would just like to thank GameSalad and this community for all of your support! Without this caring group of developers, there's no way I would have been able to pursue this passion!


P.S. I am also planning on creating a blog to write about my experiences at the conference. I will try and post the link here soon.


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