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Ubisoft game acadmy.. should i join ??? please help !!!!

CodeArtOnlineCodeArtOnline Posts: 84Member

hey hi everyone.
i have a opperteinity of joining a Ubisoft Game Acdemy course in Abu dhabi. its fee is about 21,250 USD.
but i am getting some kind of aid so i dont have to pay.
i am really really into game development its my passion. etc and for this academy no previous experience required except to have passion.
its a 16-month fultime course // which they will teach unity,unreal, 3dsmax,maya etc etc.. please i need help.
i finished my high-school i am 18 years old. should i join this course or should i do some university stuff .. please need help.. heres the link to the course .
. pdf :
Thanks .....


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