Pixen Tutorials?

WyrdGuitaristWyrdGuitarist Member, PRO Posts: 91
Hi Folks,

Just starting out with Pixen - does anybody know of any good tutorials to look at or is it best just to dive and try to make something? I've had a quick play around and it doesn't seem too complicated, but just wondering if there's any guidance out there you'd recommend - open sword/pixen forums don't seem to be working.



  • jstrahanjstrahan Member Posts: 498
    I started off with pixen also and still use it for a few things from time to time just very basic stuff
    I quickly moved to photoshop for almost all gpx now because of the many tutorials if u cant get ps then try gimp its free and has many tutorials also and once u get use to it u can use some ps tutorials with it to
  • goliathgoliath Member Posts: 1,435
  • WyrdGuitaristWyrdGuitarist Member, PRO Posts: 91
    OK, cool, thanks. Are there any other tools that you'd recommend or are easy to use?

    p.s. already youtube'd it - found one video, but it was more about installing it than using it.
  • jstrahanjstrahan Member Posts: 498
    Ive also used iWeb for creating some buttons then copy and paste into pixen and then saved as png
  • POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Member Posts: 3,470
    Pixen and Photoline is what I use. Cheaper alternative to Photoshop... which I intend to get when I can afford it!
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