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Change Scene behavior with ads enabled change the scene even the video ads is still playing.

PolygonEdgePolygonEdge Posts: 4Member, PRO

I am experiencing this bug in my game. My game plays an ad when the player wish to continue the game with the current state he/she left. At the first death in the game, this change scene behavior works fine. It plays the ad when clicked "continue" and after it finish playing the ads it redirects to the play scene to allow the player to continue the game. Now, the second time the player died and all the following deaths, this change scene behavior plays the "play scene" in the background even without finishing the video ads.
This allows losing the player hearts without noticing that the game has started and enemies are now attacking. Can't have this behavior and of course it will annoy anyone who play.

Does anyone experienced this before? Badly needed help.

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