Tablets for sale for Developer use - iPad, Android and Kindle. Items in the UK

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Recently I have purchased a new range of devices in which I use for adhoc building. Therefore I have now have 3 surplus devices and they have been sitting around for a couple of months now. So Ive put together a bundle for any Devs on here who want to purchase them. This is what I have for sale:

iPad 1st Gen in Black - 16GB WIFI MODEL
Ideal for testing any iOS release, as a general rule, if your game works on this older device, it will run great on newer models
(this device has a small knock on the volume button on the side which has made the button not work. The volume works fine and can be changed on the screen and in setting, just not by the side button. Im sure it can be fixed very easily but as I only used it as a adhoc device, I didnt need to).

Kindle Fire 1st Gen - 7inch
Great for testing Amazon builds

Android Hudl 1st Gen - 16GB 7 Inch
A Great Mid range device that is still less than 12 months old

Im happy to sell all 3 devices for just £150 with free postage to any UK address. If you want to ship to another country, im happy to do so but you will need to cover any shipping charges.

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