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Blurry images in gamesalad creator on mac but not pc

I recently changed from PC to Mac. I've been making a game in game salad on Mac but my images show up blurry in the creator which never happened to the same images on PC. I tried changing the DPI to 72 and making the dimensions even but it still came up blurry. The images are pixel art but they look clear on pc so what's different? All the images are in .png format exported from photoshop

Any help would be really appreciated

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  • ToymanToyman Posts: 11Key Master, Head Chef, Member GameSalad Employee

    I'm looking into this issue, it's very weird because for some reason the images are being stretched slightly when drawn.

  •[email protected] Posts: 6Member, PRO

    Thank you for the quick replies! I didn't know about handling retina images before moving to mac so i'll look into it, I imagine that'll be the problem. Thanks!!

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