Game Advertisement on CashforApps, TapJoy, ect.

AngryBoiAngryBoi Member Posts: 586

Is there a way to advertise your games on any of the sites I have listed? I know many people use these sights and it seems like a great way to get your game out there. Has anyone else thought of this?


  • omiwebdesignomiwebdesign Member, PRO Posts: 69

    I have some experience using AppBrain. The minimum CPI is 20 cent. This can help you get a little boost to get your app noticed. Even when you set the minimum CPI bid to 20 cent you still get hundreds of downloads a day (if you have the budget of course). If you set you CPI bid higher you can expect up to thousands of downloads a day (however, I don't think it's worth paying more than 20 - 25 cent).

    The good thing about AppBrain, you don't have to add any SDK/code to your app. You simple add your app to your AppBrain account and you are ready to go. The 20 cent minimum bid is also pretty good, since most more known companies have a minimum bid of 50 cent.

    The bad thing, most downloads come from countries such as Brazil, Poland, Czech, Egypt, Morocco, etc. Just a small percentage of high-tier European countries and the USA.

    If you are interested, let me know so I can send you my affiliate link of AppBrain ;)

  • AngryBoiAngryBoi Member Posts: 586

    I don't think AppBrain is one of those things where you download apps to get points for iTunes cards and such, or is it? It seems like an advertisement thing where you pay to et your own ads on other games. I want my game to be for download on something like cashforapps.

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