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Will pay for game development!

jayheadjayhead Posts: 2Member
edited 4:27AM in Introductions
I'm a newbe on computers and don't know a thing about making or developing a game, and I wanted one created so I can submit it to app store. That led me to Game Salad, but still no luck having a hard time making one. Anyone out there willing to help create one, will pay for the job.


  • Fafnir312Fafnir312 Posts: 161Member
    I agree with tshirtbooth. You can definitely make your own game. Don't be afraid to ask questions here on the forums. Making your own game through hard work is a great feeling. Just start small and build larger the more you learn. GameSalad is an amazing tool and I'll soon complete my first game with it... after I finish testing this week... but I'm really excited! :D

    You can do it. Just don't give up.
  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    c'mon, they don't call it game making for the rest of us for nothing. i played with the templates a bit and made a couple useless games until I came up with something that resembles a game. just keep practicing and familiarizing yourself with the software, and we are always here to help. :)
  • jayheadjayhead Posts: 2Member
    Thanks guys, but it's even harder learning the software when I'm not savvy with a Macbook. But I'll follow the wiki and play around with more templates and see what I can squeeze out of this software.
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